Krankheitsprävention ist das große Motto der Chinesischen Medizin

Daher haben wir zum Schutz unserer Patienten die Abläufe in unserer Praxis an die aktuelle Lage angepasst.  


Sie müssen nicht wegen allen Belangen zu uns in die Praxis kommen.  

Mit Telemedizin kommunizieren Sie direkt mit uns.

Video Telefonie

Video Chat bieten wir über das kostenfreie Meeting Tool "Zoom" an.


Wenn ein Video Chat nicht möglich ist, können Sie uns natürlich auch telefonisch erreichen.


Vieles können wir mit Telemedizin abdecken, bestimmte Therapien oder Diagnostiken jedoch nicht.

Yang Sheng - die Kraft in mir

Unsere Buchreihe zur chinesischen Lebensstilmedizin

YS_Gesund Leben.jpg
Grippe_Infekt_Bernot_Yang Sheng_Chinesis

Ganzheitliches Verständnis

In unserer Praxis legen wir Wert auf ein ganzheitliches Diagnostikverfahren. Unsere Erfahrung bestätigt, dass die Wurzeln vieler Beschwerden und Schmerzen sowohl in unseren Lebensgewohnheiten als auch in unseren Lebensumständen liegen. Daher ist es von großer Wichtigkeit den Mensch mit seinen Problemen im Gesamtkontext zu verstehen und nicht nur das Problem zu sehen.

Hier gibt's gerade nichts zu buchen. Versuchen Sie es später erneut.

Wir sind ambulanter Partner der TCM Klinik Bad Kötzting

Nach unserer langjährigen Arbeit in der TCM Klinik Bad Kötzting, der ersten deutschen Klinik für Chinesische Medizin, sind wir als ambulanter Partner für den Norddeutschen Raum, speziell Hamburg und Umgebung tätig.


Hier kümmern wir uns um Ihre nachstationäre Versorgung.

Das umfasst die professionelle Weiterführung Ihrer Akupunktur Behandlung, regelmäßige ambulante Nachkontrollen sowie Überprüfung und Anpassung Ihrer chinesischen Arzneimittelrezepturen.

Unsere Motivation und Entwicklung

Home Inspections

Are Home Inspections required when I buy a house?

In most cases they're not required...But for the average homeowner, home inspections are highly recommended. Home Inspectors in Washington State undergo extensive training that covers virtually every aspect of a home.

What does a general home inspection cover?

Home inspection standards of practice require visual, non-invasive inspection methods for the purpose of buying a home. They should throughly inspect all aspects of the home typically covering

How long does a home inspection take?

A general home inspection can take anywhere from 1 and half hours to 2 hours depending on the size of the home and any additonal services that are added.

Do I have to be there for the inspection?

No, but it is recommended for you to be there. A home inspection is a great opportunity to learn about your new home. If you can't make it don't worry. All of our reports are digital and we will make sure you understand everything in the report.

I am a home owner...should I have an inspection?

Yes, knowledge is power. It is recommended that the average home owner have a basic inspection every 1-2 years to make sure your home is in proper living order.

What is a "Pre-Listing" Inspection?

A prelisting inspection is one that you do for your own benifit before you try and list your home for sale. This inspection is designed for you to know what may need to do before you sell your home. Often this will allow you to sell your home faster and more money because repairs made before you put it on the market are cheaper than when buyers are asking for credits to fix those same things.

Listing Photos

What is a "Listing Photo"

A listing photo are photos of the home like you traditionally see on the MLS / Redfin. Having listing photos done for you allows you to focus on other aspects of the sale.

Virtual Tours

What is a Virtual Tour?

Virtual tours are interactive panoramic images that simulate a location. They represent the home in the closest aspect to reality without needing to step foot in the home. This gives potential buyers the chance to look at the home and move around as they choose.

Why should I have a virtual tour done for my listing?

A virtual tour is a great way to show off the home. Imagine a open house that anyone can view 24/7! On average homes get 87% more view on major Real Estate sites (like RedFin) with deal being closed an average of 20-25%. Not to mention that all those views on your listing puts your name out to potential clients and show that you are willing to go the extra mile for them!

Does Matterport vs other virtual tour software matter?

Yes. Redfin has a favorite when it comes to virtual tour softwares and it is Matterport. If your listing doesn't have a "my.matterport" link Redfin doesn't put the 3D Walkthrough where you can easily find it. Also if it isn't a my.matterport link then the purple tag of "3D Walkthrough" doesn't show up on the listing preview page and when looking at the map the purple Walkthrough icon doesn't show. And notice how there is a bar below with "Photos," "3D Walkthrough," "Video Tour," and "Street View". Well if it isn't a Matterport then that bar doesn't show and your tour is hidden

Aerial Photography

Is it legal? I've heard that it isn't legal to uses drones for Real Estate Photography

We are 100% legal. We have a current FAA part 107 license which allows us to legally operate drones for commercial use. In addition we are extensively trained and fully insured.

Why should I get "Aerial Photos" done?

Aerial photos are the easiest way to show the property that you are selling. From the property line to the key areas of interest. Also studies have show that homes with Aerial Photos sold 68% faster than homes with standard images.

What types of photos do you take?

We will take tons of photos for you but we have found the most used photos are these three: The first one shows off the home an elevated position making the home appear bigger than photos taken from ground level. The second one is an top down view of the property. This allows potential clients to see the home and the property line. The third most commonly used is an overview shot of the home. This allows you to point out key areas of interest and major roads.

Specialty Inspections

I have allergies to mold.  Can I have a mold test performed before I buy a house?

Depending on a lot of factors, it may be possible to have the home tested. Talk with one of our Realtors for a better uderstanding with regards to your specific situation.

Water Testing

Do I need to have my water tested when I purchase a home?

If the home has a private or semi private (community) well, then we always recommend at least a basic water test for coliform bacteria. If the home is on "City" provided water, then the risk is very minimal as they typically take very good care of the water supply. Take a look at our water testing guide for more information.

Can I perform a water test myself?

Maybe...If your lender is requesting the test, then there is a good chance that they'll require a 3rd party to perform the test. If you're paying cash or just want the test for your own purposes, then yes you can perform the test. However, if you're not experienced, its very easy to contaminate the sample which will negatevely affect the results.